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 I am Aaron the Owner , pc specialist , Director and the influence behind PC REGENERATION STATION. Together with my Brother Dominic, I spent months wondering how we can make this dream a reality. And through thick and thin we managed to get ourselves up and running as an established business. 

I want to extend my hand to all those who want to move forward with a PC build and choose to order through us. I have been in the repairing industry for many years and through that finally wondered about what it would be like to make my dream a reality. 

we welcome you to our world. The world of GAMING! 

Hello! i am Dominic, Director and PC Enthusiast.

starting a business can seem quite daunting, but when a vision comes to light the best thing you can do is act on it. 

For years we have wondered, " How do the big boys make this work " and the answer was always the same. There was an overflow of consumers wanting a quality service. We strive to do that here, We aim to be the best and want to share our love of PC's with you the consumer. Which is why we want to connect with you on a more personal level. Yes YOU, So we are proud to announce that we will be opening a Youtube Channel in the next coming months to show our faces, talk tech and go over a few of our builds. 

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