UltraWide Acer Predator Z35P 35" Curved G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

GET A PANORAMIC VIEW WITH WRAPAROUND GAMINGThe Acer predator Z35P has an outstanding 3,440 x 1,440 resolution with a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio, so you get a nice large desktop space and a sharp image. Also included is a USB hub, speakers and a height-adjustable stand. The Z35P is the perfect monitor to meet all your gaming needs as it has an overclockable 100Hz refresh rate to eliminate screen tearing and minimise stuttering. The Acer Predator Z35P will allow you to immerse yourself even deeper into any game.

35"Screen Size

3440 x 1440Resolution

Vertical AlignmentPanel Technology

Enjoy an UltraWide Experience

TAKE IN THE FULL VIEWGet a panoramic view of galactic domination with a wraparound game space that pulls you deeper into new worlds. A cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio on a 1800R curved QHD display is a perfect setup for RPG and simulation games where immersion is everything.
NVIDIA® G-SYNC eliminates screen tearing and minimizes stuttering for legendary PC gamingso you can keep winning.

Realistic Gaming on the Z35P

ULTRA LOW MOTION BLURIt’s a new beginning. With NVIDIA® G-SYNC, you’ve entered a world where frames are seamless and perfect. NVIDIA® ULMB, or Ultra Low Motion Blur, decreases motion blur and minimizes ghosting during fast-paced gaming which results for a smoother overall look.

NVIDIA G-SYNC TECHNOLOGYNVIDIA® G-SYNC™ creates a smooth gaming experience by syncing frames rendered by your GPU to the refresh rate of your monitor. This advanced process completely eliminates screen tearing and minimizes stuttering.

Immerse Yourself with Predator Gameview

CONQUER YOUR ENEMIES WITH PREDATOR GAMEVIEWPredator GameView technology allows you to adjust dark boost levels, make precise color adjustments and set up aim points for hip-fire accuracy. Save custom settings in three profiles you can switch between at any time. Shooting aim-points and customizable gaming profiles give you the upper hand.

Acer Predator 35" Z35P UltraWide Quad HD 100Hz Curved GSYNC Gaming Monitor


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