BOOST YOUR RIG WITH A THREADRIPPER SERIES MOTHERBOARDThe X399 AORUS XTREME stays faithful to AORUS design principles with the contour of its armour design, with support for the 2nd Gen of Ryzen Threadripper CPU’s you can build an ultimate gaming pc or workstation. There’s support for Quad-Channel DDR4 for devastating memory bandwidth, 64 lanes of incredible PCIe Gen3 connectivity and native USB 3.1. This board also has the capability to house Triple M.2 SSD's giving you an ultra-fast storage option for your build whilst also being cooled and protected by the 3 thermal guards covering the M.2 slots.The X399 XTREME board has a whole host of cooling features including a NanoCarbon baseplate which help dissipate heat by having a high thermal conductivity it can transfer the heat to other cooling solutions within the board easily. The X399 XTREME board is lit up in RGB and various effects giving you an outlandish styling option to go with the rest of your build.

Gigabyte AMD AORUS X399 XTREME E-ATX TR4 Motherboard


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