Accurate, Balanced Sounds

Introducing stiff and lightweight 50mm beryllium metal drivers, enables the AORUS H5 to deliver excellent, accurate and balanced sounds, while eliminating unnecessary vibration to improve the sound transparency.


RGB Lighting On the Go

Personalised gaming style with virtually unlimited colour illumination via AORUS Engine. You can also synchronise the colour of the H5 with AORUS fusion lighting.


Lightweight Design

The lightweight frame reduces the overall pressure around ears and ensures your extended comfort for prolonged gaming sessions.


Suspension Headbands

Fine-tuned suspension headbands help to evenly spread the weight over the bands and perfectly fit each ones individual head-size.


Cushioned Ear Cups and Headband

Covered with soft cushions on the ear cups and headband, AORUS H5 ensures extra comfortable gaming sessions while blocking external noise factors.


Detachable and Bendable Microphone

The built-in bendable microphone allows you to adjust your optimised speaking spot when discussing the in-game strategy with your team or calling friends. And in moments where you only want to listen to music, just remove the mic.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

AORUS H5 works on mobile, console, laptop, and PC with built-in audio jack.

(3.5mm speaker jack and mic jack work for audio input, USB connector is used to power the RGB lighting).


• 50mm Beryllium metal drivers.
• RGB Fusion-16.7M customizable lighting.
• Detachable and Bendable Microphone.
• Wearing comfort for prolonged gaming.
• In-line sound controls.

Gigabyte AORUS H5 Stereo PC/Console Gaming Headset


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