The Immerse GH30 from MSI does exactly what it says on the box, immerses you in crisp, pristine audio to give you the ultimate experience while gaming. It uses large 40mm drivers to surround your ears in incredible sound, with on-the-wire volume and microphone control so you can choose when you want to be heard. Take your headset on the go to enjoy immersive sound when you're out and about. You can detach the microphone for when you don't need it and easily store your GH30 headset with it's lightweight, foldable headband design and carry pouch. The Immerse GH30 also comes with an extra 3.5mm splitter cable so you can use the microphone and speakers on your PC.


Surround your Ears in True-to-Life Sound

LARGE 40MM DRIVEREnjoy the high-quality performance of the Immerse GH30's large 40mm drivers. They work to deliver remarkable audio performance across high, medium and low frequencies so you get the finest and most accurate audio no matter the tone.

Enjoy On-the-Fly Headset Controls

MSI Immerse GH30 Stereo Gaming Headset


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